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~*~ Why I Love Classic Bridal Makeup ~*~

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*** OBSESSION: BillyB brushes - my new love! ***
Spring 2011 Bridal Makeup
Lovely Lashes - Little Known Mascaras to Try


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bridal beauty nirvana!



One of the most popular products I get questions on are 100% MINK LASHES - and what's the difference between MINK LASHES and HUMAN HAIR {FAUX} LASHES - these are strip mink lashes not the individuals - i love the strips so much because they hold up and are feathery light and reusable.

100% Mink Lashes vs Faux Lashes - Brides by Lisa - Nashville Makeup Artist
Generally Faux Lashes (strips or individuals) are used once or twice and are either Synthetic or 100% Human Hair.  Synthetic or HUMAN HAIR {FAUX} LASHES cost anywhere from 5.00 and more depending on quality.  100% MINK LASHES are re-usable up to 25 to 30 times {when taken care of properly, of course}  good quality MINK LASHES START AT 40.00 and up.

Here are a just few of my absolute FAVORITE MINK LASHES {in my kit}  I USE FOR PLATINUM BRIDAL, CELEBRITY AND RED CARPET EVENT... but of course anyone can wear these. 

DAISY ~ These 100% MINK LASHES are defined by their classic style. This eyelash style is very natural yet dramatic.  These lashes are medium in density and have a J-Curl.

FAWN - These 100% MINK LASHES are medium in density, and have a crisscross three layer pattern as the fur just flares out a little on the outer corners.  Very feminine and flirty.






There area many reasons why bridal hair and wedding makeup costs vary - you have artists and hairstylists in high demand on popular Saturday/Sundays - they may have minimums for each of those popular wedding days just to afford leaving their studio or salon bookings. You also have to take into account their experience level and wedding business experience.

Many wedding hair stylists traveling to you on your wedding day cost more because Saturdays in their studio are their busiest days - and if you want a particular artist or hairstylist you have to pay to cover their studio losses for doing on location weddings.  For instance, my makeup service has minimums on popular 3 day weekends, holidays and specific popular (most booked) wedding dates. Many brides book their weddings around 3 day weekends and holidays for their guests travel needs.

Also, with beauty teams - you may not know exactly who will be scheduled for your wedding day.  That costs less then having a specific artist or hairstylist {who you know of their name and their portfolio of work specifically}.

Many vendors do not offer legal wedding contracts {i do!} - and you are not protected should they not show or they send in an unknown replacement {who are they, where is their portfolio of work}.  Are you certain you want to have an unknown person come to your home, especially without a contract? Always get a contract with all your wedding vendors - that shows professionalism and protects everybody - and is a part of administrative costs.

Speaking of Administrative Costs - bridal makeup and wedding hair costs are generally higher than the attendants services due to time and effort of emails, communication and phone calls with the bride - the booking process.  These are what are called administrative costs.  I've had brides email me 4x and 125x - that takes time, open communication, organization and flexibility.  Weddings are {sometimes!} stressful, complicated and the most important day for photography and timing over most other events in a lifetime - an experienced wedding vendor has experience with unexpected things that may come up that a new vendor may not have factored in.  Administrative costs {business costs}, contracts, etc all factor into why the brides services cost more than her wedding party members.

As a professional makeup artist of almost 18 years - I can tell you that being the person who spends your wedding morning with you and who sees you before you dress and walk down that aisle - I'm an integral part of your day and always take our time together seriously.  A happy bride is a beautiful bride and that is what I hope for all my bridal clients.

I hope this information helps any bride-to-be understand a little more about costs and wedding makeup and hair!  If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me - I also refer local, national and some international makeup artists that I know ) 

~*~ Why I Love Classic Bridal Makeup ~*~

Why I LOVE Classic Bridal Makeup - and so should you...


Classic Bridal Beauty is my specialty!

I love classic bridal makeup because it NEVER goes out of style.  Many brides choose me for their wedding makeup artist because of my portfolio and my excellent wedding reviews - what they come to realize is that they love how PRETTY they look and feel.

Nashville Bridal Makeup by Lisa Johnson www.bridesbylisa.com
You want to look back through your wedding pictures and not see that dark smoky eye, turquoise liner or magenta lip so popular THAT year.  You want people to say "oh, you looked pretty!" ... not.... "oh that smokey eye was SO popular back in 1990 ;) or "wow, that was a BRIGHT lip!"

Your wedding day isn't necessarily the day you want to try a new makeup trend or look.  Unless that's your personality and you are experimental in this way - then go for it!  I can help you with that as well, as an editorial fashion makeup artist we are always on trend.
But, pretty and classic is my advice for the majority of brides. Classic beauty never goes out of style. 

NOW BOOKING 2014 & 2015 WEDDINGS - www.bridesbylisa.com

beautiful classic bridal makeup, bridal makeup in Nashville, classic beauty for brides, Nashville Bridal Makeup Artist, brides by lisa, pretty wedding makeup


2014 BRIDAL MAKEUP TRENDS - by Brides by Lisa - Nashville's Premier Bridal Beauty Artist

Nashville Wedding Makeup - www.bridesbylisa.com
~~~  AHHH, ROMANCE!  It's that time of year again - where you will be proposed to and begin planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Were you aware that Thanksgiving thru Valentine's Day is when the majority of proposals happen? It's true.  I'm always in awe of the stories I hear on how a bride-to-be was asked for her hand.  These are some special moments to treasure.

Make your planning go as easy and non-stressful as possible by booking your wedding vendors early on - and seeking their tips and assistance in the process.

To that end, let me advise all brides to take their wedding day beauty as seriously as they do their photography - which is one of THEE most important wedding choices you can make.  The investment for photography is one of the biggest and most important of your your wedding vendor choices.  Make sure your wedding hair and makeup is en point as well.

Having beautiful makeup and hair for your wedding is not only a lovely experience, but it is also one of the most important bookings.  You've seen the images of bad or no professional makeup or hair.  The "floating face" where the body and face color are two or three different shades; the flashback of non-camera ready makeup is obvious.  The hair that doesn't quite look finished or polished.  Avoid that at all costs!

Make your day as stress free, comforting and easy as you can by hiring professional hair and makeup for your wedding day - choose one you feel confident in their skill set, like their personality and feel sure their work will add to your photography investment.  A bridal trial for hair and makeup can help you determine many factors.  Having a professional who is skilled in camera-ready makeup for photography and in person under numerous lighting environments is a MUST.  I bring camera-ready products used in film, tv and photography to you - many different types and product lines that you cannot get at just one cosmetic counter.

Having the right professional hair and makeup on your wedding day can bring you peace of mind that you will look your best in photos and in person; have a leisurely start for your day, and it is also a very bonding experience with your family and bridal party that you won't soon forget.  One of my absolute specialties is not only beautiful brides, but also their mothers, grandmothers and aunties - as a Woman Over 40 makeup specialist - I know how to make them shine too.  See my before & after photos HERE.

What sets me apart?  I have a very light touch and have worked with some of the best makeup artists in the business over the years. My makeup application is light and layered - nothing glaring and heavy.  With 15+ years expertise working in beauty makeup, I know what works well for camera AND in person in all lighting environments.  I know what colors work and what products will not only last through your day and into your evening. 

Some of my product choices are:  NARS, MAC PRO, Chanel, Make Up For Ever, Cinema Secrets, Chanel, Lancome, Embryolisse and more.  I keep up on the current runway trends and test products on a weekly basis to see what is offered to the market.  So you don't have to walk up to a counter and hope someone knows what they're doing or be sold to.  I test everything I purchase.  I have to have the utmost confidence everything works perfectly and is camera-ready for my line of work.

Brides by Lisa is a Nashville-based wedding hair and makeup expert - bringing hand-picked wedding day beauty professionals to service your special day.  No need to drive to and fro to a salon risking lateness and traffic hassles - we bring everything needed to help make you calm, cool and collected for your walk down the aisle.  I take great attention and care to my brides - as there are no take backs on your wedding day.  I believe in great customer service and being dependable to all of my clients.

YOU, only better!    www.bridesbylisa.com    www.lisajohnsonmua.com 


Nashville Wedding Makeup by Lisa Johnson ~ www.bridesbylisa.com


summer makeup tips, hot weather makeup tips, summer beauty, brides by lisa

When I work with oily and combination complexions, I apply moisturizer on cleansed skin and let it absorb totally before applying any makeup.   Then, instead of reaching for primer, I use a big fluffy brush and dust super-light layer of powder all over the face before and let it sit for a few minutes.  Each of these steps will help with any hot melt down.

The idea is that the powder holds onto makeup better than a primer, especially in hot temperatures in which the skin hits overdrive with oil production.  Some powders I like are from Cinema Secrets (oil blotting), Graftobian, Make Up For Ever, Ben Nye.

There are also mattifying primers and lotions to use for oilier skin - these are generally gel or lotion to powder texture and known as liquid powders.  Product lines such as KRYOLAN, Cinema Secrets, Lancome and others have these type of products.

I do like primers for clients with more texture — i.e. wrinkles, deep scaring, etc. —  I use primers to fill in fine lines and creases, then a tiny bit of powder on top before makeup application.  And for clients with dry skin, a primer base smooths the skin and helps keep moisture in.  Some of my favorite primers are Arbonne, Smashbox, Cinema Secrets, NARS, Kryolan, Laura Mercier.


hot weather makeup, summer beauty, makeup for humid days, summer makeup, kryolan, arbonne, smashbox, nars, graftobian, laura mercier, cinema secrets, lancome, nashville makeup


Lauren Staggs, model MUAH: Brides by Lisa Gown courtesy: The Spoiled Lady Bouquet: Hayley Mills Whimsical Designs & Events Photos by: Steve Harman www.4050photo.com
A series of images shot at dawn back in late fall/early winter in Franklin TN.  Steve is an amazing photographer and has nudged me into dawn shoots - which is a miracle, in and of itself getting to the studio to do makeup and hair at 4 am to get to shoot the dawn light.  Brave model Lauren Staggs is perfection.  I chose pastel makeup colors for the cool dawn light to warm colors to compliment the fall colors in the background.   I love these images.
Contact Steve Harman of 4050photo.com for your journalistic wedding photography needs. 
Nashville Makeup Artists, Nashville Wedding Makeup, Nashville Wedding Photographers, Nashville Bridal Makeup, Brides by Lisa, 4050photo.com, Steve Harman Photographer, Fall Weddings, Fall Wedding Makeup & Hair, The Spoiled Lady, Whimsical Designs & Events

*** 2013 Makeup Trends I'm Trying Today ... ***

January is sometimes a little .... hard - you're not tan enough and your hair is a bit drier. like your skin.  The winter blahs set in for some of us - next to a month long vaca in Miami, which sounds AMAZING!  I highly recommend considering upping your beauty tricks - namely add a little color and maybe change up some of your products. 
These are a few of my favorite POSH brands - of course there are many price points from other wonderful less expensive brands you can substitute - this gives you a general idea of what I'm adding to my new winter trick bag ;)
I'm opting for a vivid red/blue lipstick - a paler cream blush - mat foundation - shimmery classic golden brown eye - smokey liner instead of a hard black - full dark long lush lashes - all trends that work for my particular skin at the moment.  Break out of your old ways and into something brand new for 2013 - it's that time of year!
I'm a huge fan of Make Up For Ever - and their foundations are some of the absolute best - every pro I know uses at least one of their formulations.  I'm loving this MAT VELVET for this time of year - it's classic, highly pigmented and a little bit goes a long, long way.  LOVELY VELVETY finish.
Be certain to use the right tools for the job.  I'm using my Make Up For Ever pro foundation brush 30N.  You will have a flawless finish, use less product and be certain to cover every blemish and flaw.  One of the best brush lines on the market.  Invest in yourself and always clean your brushes weekly with gentle soap/shampoo - rinse well - never soak - and lie flat to dry.  They will last you for a very long time.
In the winter months, and especially with a more mat foundation such as MUFE MAT VELVET, I rather love a more dewy cream blush - and this one by TWO FACED is very easy to blend, lasts long without looking greasy.  Gives me just the right FLUSH of color to go with my rather bold choice of lipstick - keep it light on the cheeks if you're going bolder on your lip or eye.  This color is perfect for my light ivory skin - TWO FACED Full Bloom Ultra Flushed Blush Cocoa Rose.  The cocoa/neutral is just enough flush without it being too red or pink.
I love this amazing color by Dior - as all of their lipsticks - they make some of the best in the world in my view - I like to apply this lightly with my finger like a stain and press it into my lips to give a bitten look - perfect for winter without being TOO perfect.  Of course you can use your lipstick brush for a more defined look for evening as well.  Rouge Dior - Daisy Plum 976 - a golden berry plum.  Tres Chic.
LORAC makes incredible makeup products - and their eyeshadows are some of the softest, blendable shadows on the market.  I carry their entire line of shadows - and this LITTLE BLACK PALETTE is eyeshadow royalty.  Everyone should have this palette in their beauty kit.  I like to use the medium light color all over my lid, line lightly on my upper lid at the lash line for everyday.  Of course the possibilities are endless.  Be certain to use the primer included for a long lasting look.  Worth every penney.
Lancome is one of my favorite luxury retail brands for their fashion forward colors and design.  This eyeliner is by far one of the best on the market.  Artliner is a fine precision point marker for your eyes.  Foolproof some would say.  I am trying the SMOKE Artliner for this time of year - being as it's not as harsh as black on my eye and I rather like a little grey definition.  Just dark enough for now.  Long lasting and pigmented.  The Aubergine plum is a close second.
Make Up For Ever, Two Faced, Lancome Artliner, LORAC, Dior, Nashville Makeup, 2013 Winter Makeup Trends, 2013 Beauty, Lisa Johnson Makeup Artist, Brides by Lisa

*** WINTER BLUES? Try these beauty enhancers... ***


Nashville + Beyond


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2013 is here....

The weather outside is nasty.  The holiday parties and dinners that once filled the pages of your agenda have been replaced with deadlines and seemingly unending projects.  It must be January!   If you’ve got the January blues, consider these mood-enhancing beauty products to help perk up your face and mood on even the greyest of winter days.  



This crazy chemical is beginning to pop up all over the makeup world and is said to stimulate the production of dopamine and endorphins promoting happiness, energy, and even sex appeal!  The ingredient was created by Laboratoires Sérobiologiques, and is now widely used by drugstore favorite Physician's Formula. Many dermatologists, though, are skeptical about the chemical concentrate, explaining the product would have to include at least 1% Euphoryl to work. Regardless, a pan of  Happy Booster Blush or a tube of Happy Booster lipstick won’t set you back more than a few bucks and the pink hearts design is cute enough.




If the dull weather has left your face in need of a pick-me-up, try incorporating a caffeinated product into your routine.  For an all-around perky appearance try a caffeinated lotion like Jergens Skin Firming Advanced Moisturizer. It's believed that caffeinated creams may also diminish the appearance of cellulite and fine lines when used over time. A skin latte’ from the fountain of youth!  HELLO!??






For the naturalists out there that need a beauty cure for the winter blues, essential oils are coming to the rescue.   It’s been known that uplifting scents such as peppermint, grapefruit, and lemon can inspire us to think happy thoughts, even on a dreary day. Try creating your own blend of cheery scents at your local health shop, or try a pre-blended product. The new Cowshed collection of roll-on oil blends are personalized for all your daily mood swings. We are loving Grumpy Cow, Lazy Cow, and Wild Cow to get us through till February. Pop one in your purse and roll over pulse points when things get tough.



Color Therapy

It’s said the the right color can turn a frown upside down so what are you doing in that black winter wardrobe? Swap out winter neutrals for neon shades of yellow, red, orange, and fuchsia this season for an instant jolt of energy. Our tips and toes look giddy when glossed over with hot shades like the UV red Radiate by OCC, or bright yellow Cheeky Chops by Butter London. Swipe a best-selling bright such as MAC's Moxie Lipstick across your lips and let the smiling begin.








BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, SPRING WILL BE HERE AND YOUR WINTER BLUES WILL BE FORGOTTEN.  Take good care of yourself - you ONLY live once - so make it pretty!


source:  Beautylish







January 2013 Beauty Tips, Winter Blues Beauty, 2013 Beauty Products, Mood Enhancing Beauty Products, Lisa Johnson Makeup Artist, nashville makeup artist, Winter Beauty Tips

*** OBSESSION: BillyB brushes - my new love! ***

My new OBSESSION:    BillyB beauty detail brushes
I am in love with detail brushes. These are the little wonders that make my job easier, and make a look go from wow to WOW!   These are the type of tools much needed to do precise eye looks and to elevate your work as an artist.
Who better than makeup artist ICON Billy Brasfeld (Mister Billy B) to offer up his tools of the trade?
I purchased (below) the contour set and 2 brushes for eye and one lip liner - considered for precision. I will definately be purchasing more of these little gems.
They are soft and dense - PRECISE - where you put them is where the makeup is deposited - with virtually NO makeup FALL OUT. Fall out is the bane of most makeup artists. It slows us down trying to do cleanup under an eye, etc. I found these little beauties to be very beautifully made and easy to work with.   I cannot wait to use these on my amazing clients!

~~~ BEFORE & AFTER MAKEUP IMAGES - unedited iPhone images ~~~

Here are a few unedited iPhone images I take of my clients before & after their trial or wedding day sessions with me.  I consider it an honor to get to know my clients in such a personal way and believe all women, at any age, are truly beautiful.  Some are shown before, others are just after makeup.  All ages from 23 to 80 are represented. 
As always I'm thrilled to hear your thoughts!  ~Lisa
Makeup Before & After, Bridal Makeup in Nashville, Women Over 40 Makeup Tips in Nashville, Airbrush Makeup in Nashville


A MUST HAVE PRODUCT IN MY PRO KIT :   for everyone - women, girls, men of all ages - it is indispensible and almost invisible with a slight tint.
IF YOU HAVE LARGE PORES on your nose, cheeks, face in general - you need to try BENEFIT POREfessional
I also use this on myself, so you KNOW it's good. This is an airbrush makeup effect without the hassle. It blends easily, slightly tinted, blurs imperfections, blots oil and makes skin look super poreless.
Some of you can forego foundation if you wish, use a tinted moisturizer over it or your regular foundation - it will make your makeup glide on as smooth as silk, and make your skin soft soft soft. It has a soft gel to
powder texture and lasts all day.   
Where to buy:  Sephora $31   


Waterproof Eye Makeup Products for Summer 2012
...and the hunt continues.  Here are a few waterproof eye products I have tried.  These are in my very own beauty bag for moi.  Here in the hot, steamy South our summers are BRUTAL with a capital "B" for well, Brutal.  It's hot, it's steamy and your makeup unfortunately melts away easily.  These eye products will help keep you looking beautiful and like the gorgeous Summer Goddesses you are. 
*please note that all waterproof eye products do require a waterproof remover, so do purchase one for your bag - or you will risk the torment of tugging, scrubbing and pulling out your lashes - so unattractive.
Cannonball Waterproof Mascara - Urban Decay $20 - www.urbandecay.com
This mermaid-worthy formula endures (I have actually tested it at sea), and the light gel formula never looks cakey.
Very lightweight and your lashes will actually be feathery when applied properly.  My new go to for steamy summer.
Waterproof Shadow Liner Duo - Smashbox $25 - www.smashbox.com
Create a smoldering smoky eye that won’t crease after a hot summer night with this cream-to-powder duo. Use your finger for allover color or a thin brush to line.  Great color choices and you won't have ugly racoon eyes long after the sun has gone down.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner - $23 - www.makeupforever.com
Equipped with a flexible foam-tip applicator, this easy-to-use liquid liner stays put all day and is available in 15 vibrant shades.  You cannot beat this product line for waterproof-ness.  To have 15 shades also is a MAJOR plus!  Everyone that knows me KNOWS I'm an MUFE fan - check out THIS BLOG POST.
L'Oreal Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover $8 - www.loreal.com
Removes eye makeup instantly.  Cleans delicate eye area without leaving a greasy film. I love this product because it doesn't sting my eyes and is oil free.  With waterproof makeup you MUST use a waterproof makeup remover - because of the tugging and scrubbing if you don't use one - and NOBODY wants to see that. 
LANCOME Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover - $27 - www.lancomeusa.com
Activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup, while conditioning and refreshing the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Leaves eyes feeling cool and relaxed, with no oily residue.  A little goes a long way with this soothing product - and I also love it because it doesn't sting my eyes.
Look for more waterproof product reviews in the ensuing days - I'm testing waterproof face products next. If you have any favorites or comments on these, I look forward to hearing from you!  Please post.  I am always thrilled to hear from those who take the time to read my blog :) 
Waterproof Summer Makeup, 2012 Summer Makeup, L'Oreal, LANCOME, Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, Smashbox




Make Up For Ever Spring/Summer 2012 Aqua Shadows
The hunt for waterproof, long lasting eye makeup brings me to the new Make Up For Ever additions to their Aqua line. Check out their 12 new offerings ~ B+

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows - Lisa Johnson Makeup Artist - Nashville Makeup

If long lasting, waterproof proof eye makeup is one of your top priorities, the newest Make Up For Ever collection, Aqua Shadows is sure to please - with a little tweaking.... 

MY REVIEW ~  I found these fairly easy to apply and blend before they became "set".  These performed best for me up to 5 hours without creasing.  The matte are truly matte and highly pigmented - however, I think setting these with shadow will improve their wearability. The pearl shades are medium pigmented and very buildable - with a beautiful sheen - these tend to last longer than the matte shadows in my view and are very wearable day and night.  I recommend these for summer heat waves, swimming, high humidity days and hot sultry evenings dancing the night away.  B+

Having worked on several underwater fashion shoots myself, I can testify to their lasting ability - within the limits I described.  Useful in humidity and high heat environments - and the color payoff is great.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows - pro makeup review - Nashville Makeup Artist - Lisa Johnson

 0E Matte black
2E Matte brown
4E Matte taupe grey
6E Matte navy blue
8E Matte green
20E Pearly taupe
22E Pearly coper
24E Pearly pink
26E Pearly peach
28E Pearly beige
30E Pearly pink beige
32E Pearly white

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows - pro makeup artist review - Nashville Makeup Artist - Lisa Johnson

Simplify your summer makeup routine with any of these twelve dazzling, waterproof eyeshadows - offered in matte and pearl textures - new  additions to their Aqua collection. $20.00 each


photo credit:  make up for ever























make up for ever, aqua shadows, nashville makeup, florida makeup, california makeup, waterproof makeup, spring 2012 makeup, summer 2012 makeup, 2012 makeup trends

*** 2012 Makeup Trends - Faux Lashes ***

Brides by Lisa
2012 Makeup Trends

Nashville Bridal Makeup
I will admit it - I'm a bit of a lash snob.  I carry a variety of styles and brands for my clients to choose from - or mostly look at and let me choose for them.  A perfectly placed FALSE LASH really can make your eyes POP and are uber feminine.  Here are a few FAUX LASHES New for 2012 to peek at.  Perfect for the bold new metallics and major eyelined eye for 2012.  From flirty, artsy to just plain beautiful.
TIP:  When you hire me for your makeup lessons - you will also learn how to apply a perfectly placed lash, if you so desire.  Book me for your personal transfomation thru my commercial site at www.lisajohnsonmua.com
Paperself - Bring a little bit of quirky drama to your look with the help of some unique and uber-artistic false eyelashes by Paperself and you'll surely not go by unnoticed. Check out the label's latest designs and discover the beauty of drama falsies!
Make Up For Ever - The Très Vichy Faux Lash is also one of the unique and most enchanting elements of the complete collections with those tiny bows attached to the lashes. Those who are eager to experiment with the stylish Pin-Up Girl look will have the chance to do it with these cute accessories. Look for the whole collection at Sephora from February 10, 2012. 
M.A.C. #42 lash.  Fashioned for style and drama.  Impeccably dense at the lash line for volume and gradually lengthens into an uneven, feminine array of wisps and clusters.  Divine!
Ardell Runway Naomi - one of my personal favorite fakes for drama.  Currently sold out and hoping they hurry up and restock!  Naomi lashes have a dramatically bold design, much like the supermodel herself.  Catch these lashes on fashion show runways worn by high fashion models to create and compliment dramatic and beautiful designer looks.
JAPONESQUE - Complete Lash Kit is the professional make-up artists’ choice for beautiful, natural lashes. This kit includes handcrafted natural-feeling upper & lower full and partial, lash sets to create full dramatic lashes. This kit also includes lash adhesive and precision application tweezers for gorgeous, beautiful lashes.      
2012 Makeup Trends - Faux Lashes

*** Should I hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding? ***

Should I hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding?
Lisa Johnson of Brides by Lisa - Nashville Bridal Makeup Artist
Of course I'm going to say YES! ...and here is why:
Let's face it -you've spent a pretty fortune on the venue, photographer, your dresses, flowers, food, entertainment and all the little details that go into your wedding day.  You're more than likely hiring a hairstylist.  Your bridal makeup is generally the last touch before dressing and walking down the aisle.
As a professional makeup artist, I know what makeup works for photography AND in natural light. I believe everyone in my makeup chair should look fresh, beautiful and uniquely them - which is why I craft a personalized look for my clients.  To help you visualize, look at my portfolio of work and you will see many looks - not just one style. This shows my range as an artist. This advice goes for any artist’s work you are considering.
I work on location at your venue, and that saves you so much stress and running around. I bring my professional kit full of hand-picked, camera-ready makeup and skincare products that work for all ages, all skin tones and needs.  I'm well known not only for my beautiful bridal makeup but also for my women over 40+ clients - and you know your mothers (aunts and grandmothers) will feel especially beautiful knowing they look amazing.  Plus it's an incredible bonding experience and memory you all will always share.
Having professional makeup really helps when you're being photographed – and you ARE being photographed on your wedding day – like no other day.  You also have the added bonus of a cohesive look for your valuable photography. Simply put, you're all gussied up with your finery and heading to thechurch and reception after – all looking gorgeous! 
I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with hundreds of brides over the years and I consider it an honor to help each bride look their very best. It's why I do what I do.  So if what I've told you helps you consider professional makeup for your wedding day - hire me as your artist and I promise to show you how beautiful you are.
Lisa Johnson is a Nashville-based makeup artist working in the fields of commercial, beauty, print ad and high definition media. She grew up in both artist meccas of California - Los Angeles and San Francisco - and is formally trained in color theory, painting and art. Known for her clean makeup style, attention to detail and high definition expertise - Lisa stays on the cutting edge through industry workshops and passionate practice of her craft.  You can find her commercial work online at www.lisajohnsonmua.comand wedding portfolio with gallery, reviews and pricing at www.bridesbylisa.com - Brides by Lisa is Wedding Wire’s 2011, 2010 and 2009’s Bridal Award Winner for Beauty in Nashville, TN.


Why you need to consider hiring a professional makeup artist (ME!) for your wedding.
You have your gorgeous wedding dress - your bridesmaids dresses - your mother and/or mother of the groom are excited and looking forward to being a part of your day - you have the beautiful venue - the flowers - the little details like the shoes and jewelry - you have your hairstyling in mind (or somewhat) - and of course your professional photographer who will be taking pictures of you and everyone like no other day of your life. I consider your wedding day makeup and "look" an integral part of your planning - the final polish.
My expertise is in making you look absolutely STUNNING at all angles - in all lighting environments - as well as helping to keep the beauty production flowing so you are on time.  I've had brides tell me they didn't want to even take their lashes or makeup off during their honeymoon.  I've had mothers and grandmothers contact me to thank me for making them look gorgeous for the first time in years.  These declarations always make me happy and a lot of why I do what I do!
As a makeup artist, I'm well known for my clean beauty makeup - and many brides love this fresh, youthful look.  Maybe you have a high fashion look you're dreaming of for your very formal wedding - you want glamourous faux lashes and everyone to look pulled together and cohesive.  Whatever your heart desires, we will work on creating what works perfectly for you.
And as my bridal client, your beauty and happiness are my focus.  I am there to take the stress off of you - no running around all over town, worrying about being late or lost - having me there while everyone is getting ready is a calming experience for everyone.  You will look and feel STUNNING with your final polish before you walk down that aisle! 
Contact me today to book your trial - let me show you how beautiful you are.  
YOU, only better!


Brides by Lisa - Nashville Bridal Makeup Specialist
What's new in my makeup arsenal? Well, in my personal makeup bag - for those quick seconds I have between clients' beauty sessions - these are a few products I use consistently - they work for me and I'm a woman over 40 (something) - you need to give these a try - at ANY age.
GIORGIO ARMANI LASTING SILK UV COMPACT - LUXURY. I use this throughout the day - technically a foundation (use wet or dry). Formulated for normal to oily skin. Even though I am Over 40, I tend to oil up during the day. Velvety and soft coverage. A very high UV protection to preserve from premature ageing signs thanks to SPF 34 and PA+++ 8-hour resistant veil & color.
TIP: NOT SUITABLE FOR PHOTOSHOOTS due to the high SPF content. Pricey, but you're worth it :)
MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA CREAM - I especially love the colors Pink Beige, Taupe and Peach - they're super lustrous and waterproof - I use these as a base also for powder eyeshadow for a quick night look. They go on smooth and resist smearing or fading. This entire line is PERFECTION. These come in 22 amazing shades - and you can use them on your cheeks and lips too.
TIP: make sure to use an eye cream to moisturize your eye area prior to using - these creams dry quickly and stay put. A little goes a long way.
LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE INSTANT RETOUCH PEN - This is about the best pen I have used so far that actually has coverage and not just "lightener" for the undereye area. I, of course, use my concealer in the morning and use this portable pen thru the day - its highly pigmented, very hydrating and covers. I'm a huge fan of LANCOME products - anyone that knows me knows this :)
TIP: pat don't rub the concealer into the corner of your eye to about 1/2 across under your eye - this covers without that "racoon" eye look - a little dab will do ya.
LANCOME L'ABSOLU ROUGE LIPSTICK - I cannot say enough about this lipstick - (I told you I loved this brand) it is so nurturing, hydrating and lasts - a very creamy lipstick that is beautiful - comes in 28 amazing shades. Infused with moisture-boosting Pro-Xylane™, lips stay moist, soft and comfortable for up to 8 hours. Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and SPF 12 help keep lips safe from environmental aggressors. Perfect formula for anyone wanting anti-aging benefits. My personal favorite color is Berry Noir - for the winter and holidays - a perfect cranbery (blue) red.
TIP: to keep your lipstick from bleeding - apply foundation to your lips as well as your face - powder lightly then line and fill in your lips with a complimenting or matching lip pencil - sharpen it every single time you use to ensure a perfect pout.


A LITTLE BEFORE & AFTER - a recent makeover for a bride's grandmother for her wedding day. She graciously allowed me to do her makeup and showcase her before & after. These are unretouched iPhone images. I used the COVER FX SKIN PREP and other professional makeup products for her makeover. AMAZING!
Ashley's grandmotherBEFORE-AFTER
As a beauty artist, I'm privy to many new products for all skin types and needs. I have to say, there are some remarkable new anti-aging products out on the market today - that WORK. I recently found the product line COVER FX and their amazing primer product SKIN PREP FX. This is like caviar to your skin - without the smell...or price. Matter of fact, their entire line is amazing.
SkinPrepFX t
I use this now on my 40-something face and highly recommend this to all of my clients over a "certain age" - it blurs the lines and nourishes your skin, as well as extending the life of your makeup. RUN DONT WALK!
COVER FX   Nourishing Foundation Primer Makeup and Anti-Aging Serum $45.00

*** MAC Cosmetics NEW Semi Precious Collection - Gorgeous! ***

BRIGHTS may be the breakout hit of the summer, but jewel-tone, metallic eyeshadows are poised to be the next big hues you'll be dying to snap up. Take  MAC's new Semi Precious collection:   The geological-inspired line serves up swirled, sparkling shadows that range from pale to intensely dark—all resulting in a sultry, shimmery effect. 
Also of note, the dual-toned Mineralize SkinFinish palettes that can be used as a highlighter, blush, or bronzer.
Clockwise from left: Mineralize Eye Shadow in Mineral Mode, Unsurpassable, Jade's Fortune, Rare Find, Quartz Fusion, Faux Gold. $20.00 each
Mineralize SkinFinish in Semi Precious Goldstone. $28.00 each
Mineralize SkinFinish in Semi Precious Rose Quartz. $28.00 each

Anti-Shine Instant Matte Cream for Oily Control - NURTURING FORCE

Lisa Johnson
Blot Out Offensive shine + oil control cream
Our Blot Out Offensive™ makes skin into an instant matte / anti-shine canvas for you to apply makeup, a HD primer and barrier cream that controls oil secretion throughout the day, providing excellent adhesion for all Airbrushed applications (Water, Alcohol & Silicone Airbrushed Foundations), all Foundations including: Liquids, Powders, Creams Makeup, Mineral Makeup + Body Art.    $24.00 @ www.nurturingforce.com

This is Not A Gel Product, but a fast absorbing cream, makeup does not slip, slide, crack or bubble as with other anti-shine liquids and gels. Our • Paraben-Free• Silicone-Free• Alcohol-Free formula moisturizes as it Solves & Controls Shine + Oil Problems on the skin - Face, Body, Head - Non-Drying + Without Irritation.
Moisturizes as it Solves and Controls Oil + Shine Problems
Ideal for Sensitive Skin • Feels Good On + Good For the Skin
Use as a Primer Before Applying All Types of Makeup or Use Alone
Fast Absorbing Cream Formula Provides Great Adhesion for Makeup • Make Your Application Last
Barrier Cream that Slows Degradation of Makeup
Eliminate Shine On Sealed Prosthesis
Not a Gel Product! No Slipping, Crawling, Creeping, Cracking or Bubbling of Makeup
A Must for Sensible • Sensitive Skincare • Helps Blemish Prone Skin • Great for Hormonal Skin Changes
Paraben-Free • Silicone-Free • Alcohol-Free
No Added Colors • No Added Fragrances • No Animal Testing