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~*~ Why I Love Classic Bridal Makeup ~*~

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Nashville Weddings

~*~ Why I Love Classic Bridal Makeup ~*~

Why I LOVE Classic Bridal Makeup - and so should you...


Classic Bridal Beauty is my specialty!

I love classic bridal makeup because it NEVER goes out of style.  Many brides choose me for their wedding makeup artist because of my portfolio and my excellent wedding reviews - what they come to realize is that they love how PRETTY they look and feel.

Nashville Bridal Makeup by Lisa Johnson www.bridesbylisa.com
You want to look back through your wedding pictures and not see that dark smoky eye, turquoise liner or magenta lip so popular THAT year.  You want people to say "oh, you looked pretty!" ... not.... "oh that smokey eye was SO popular back in 1990 ;) or "wow, that was a BRIGHT lip!"

Your wedding day isn't necessarily the day you want to try a new makeup trend or look.  Unless that's your personality and you are experimental in this way - then go for it!  I can help you with that as well, as an editorial fashion makeup artist we are always on trend.
But, pretty and classic is my advice for the majority of brides. Classic beauty never goes out of style. 

NOW BOOKING 2014 & 2015 WEDDINGS - www.bridesbylisa.com

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2014 BRIDAL MAKEUP TRENDS - by Brides by Lisa - Nashville's Premier Bridal Beauty Artist

Nashville Wedding Makeup - www.bridesbylisa.com
~~~  AHHH, ROMANCE!  It's that time of year again - where you will be proposed to and begin planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Were you aware that Thanksgiving thru Valentine's Day is when the majority of proposals happen? It's true.  I'm always in awe of the stories I hear on how a bride-to-be was asked for her hand.  These are some special moments to treasure.

Make your planning go as easy and non-stressful as possible by booking your wedding vendors early on - and seeking their tips and assistance in the process.

To that end, let me advise all brides to take their wedding day beauty as seriously as they do their photography - which is one of THEE most important wedding choices you can make.  The investment for photography is one of the biggest and most important of your your wedding vendor choices.  Make sure your wedding hair and makeup is en point as well.

Having beautiful makeup and hair for your wedding is not only a lovely experience, but it is also one of the most important bookings.  You've seen the images of bad or no professional makeup or hair.  The "floating face" where the body and face color are two or three different shades; the flashback of non-camera ready makeup is obvious.  The hair that doesn't quite look finished or polished.  Avoid that at all costs!

Make your day as stress free, comforting and easy as you can by hiring professional hair and makeup for your wedding day - choose one you feel confident in their skill set, like their personality and feel sure their work will add to your photography investment.  A bridal trial for hair and makeup can help you determine many factors.  Having a professional who is skilled in camera-ready makeup for photography and in person under numerous lighting environments is a MUST.  I bring camera-ready products used in film, tv and photography to you - many different types and product lines that you cannot get at just one cosmetic counter.

Having the right professional hair and makeup on your wedding day can bring you peace of mind that you will look your best in photos and in person; have a leisurely start for your day, and it is also a very bonding experience with your family and bridal party that you won't soon forget.  One of my absolute specialties is not only beautiful brides, but also their mothers, grandmothers and aunties - as a Woman Over 40 makeup specialist - I know how to make them shine too.  See my before & after photos HERE.

What sets me apart?  I have a very light touch and have worked with some of the best makeup artists in the business over the years. My makeup application is light and layered - nothing glaring and heavy.  With 15+ years expertise working in beauty makeup, I know what works well for camera AND in person in all lighting environments.  I know what colors work and what products will not only last through your day and into your evening. 

Some of my product choices are:  NARS, MAC PRO, Chanel, Make Up For Ever, Cinema Secrets, Chanel, Lancome, Embryolisse and more.  I keep up on the current runway trends and test products on a weekly basis to see what is offered to the market.  So you don't have to walk up to a counter and hope someone knows what they're doing or be sold to.  I test everything I purchase.  I have to have the utmost confidence everything works perfectly and is camera-ready for my line of work.

Brides by Lisa is a Nashville-based wedding hair and makeup expert - bringing hand-picked wedding day beauty professionals to service your special day.  No need to drive to and fro to a salon risking lateness and traffic hassles - we bring everything needed to help make you calm, cool and collected for your walk down the aisle.  I take great attention and care to my brides - as there are no take backs on your wedding day.  I believe in great customer service and being dependable to all of my clients.

YOU, only better!    www.bridesbylisa.com    www.lisajohnsonmua.com 


Lauren Staggs, model MUAH: Brides by Lisa Gown courtesy: The Spoiled Lady Bouquet: Hayley Mills Whimsical Designs & Events Photos by: Steve Harman www.4050photo.com
A series of images shot at dawn back in late fall/early winter in Franklin TN.  Steve is an amazing photographer and has nudged me into dawn shoots - which is a miracle, in and of itself getting to the studio to do makeup and hair at 4 am to get to shoot the dawn light.  Brave model Lauren Staggs is perfection.  I chose pastel makeup colors for the cool dawn light to warm colors to compliment the fall colors in the background.   I love these images.
Contact Steve Harman of 4050photo.com for your journalistic wedding photography needs. 
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~~~ BEFORE & AFTER MAKEUP IMAGES - unedited iPhone images ~~~

Here are a few unedited iPhone images I take of my clients before & after their trial or wedding day sessions with me.  I consider it an honor to get to know my clients in such a personal way and believe all women, at any age, are truly beautiful.  Some are shown before, others are just after makeup.  All ages from 23 to 80 are represented. 
As always I'm thrilled to hear your thoughts!  ~Lisa
Makeup Before & After, Bridal Makeup in Nashville, Women Over 40 Makeup Tips in Nashville, Airbrush Makeup in Nashville

*** Should I hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding? ***

Should I hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding?
Lisa Johnson of Brides by Lisa - Nashville Bridal Makeup Artist
Of course I'm going to say YES! ...and here is why:
Let's face it -you've spent a pretty fortune on the venue, photographer, your dresses, flowers, food, entertainment and all the little details that go into your wedding day.  You're more than likely hiring a hairstylist.  Your bridal makeup is generally the last touch before dressing and walking down the aisle.
As a professional makeup artist, I know what makeup works for photography AND in natural light. I believe everyone in my makeup chair should look fresh, beautiful and uniquely them - which is why I craft a personalized look for my clients.  To help you visualize, look at my portfolio of work and you will see many looks - not just one style. This shows my range as an artist. This advice goes for any artist’s work you are considering.
I work on location at your venue, and that saves you so much stress and running around. I bring my professional kit full of hand-picked, camera-ready makeup and skincare products that work for all ages, all skin tones and needs.  I'm well known not only for my beautiful bridal makeup but also for my women over 40+ clients - and you know your mothers (aunts and grandmothers) will feel especially beautiful knowing they look amazing.  Plus it's an incredible bonding experience and memory you all will always share.
Having professional makeup really helps when you're being photographed – and you ARE being photographed on your wedding day – like no other day.  You also have the added bonus of a cohesive look for your valuable photography. Simply put, you're all gussied up with your finery and heading to thechurch and reception after – all looking gorgeous! 
I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with hundreds of brides over the years and I consider it an honor to help each bride look their very best. It's why I do what I do.  So if what I've told you helps you consider professional makeup for your wedding day - hire me as your artist and I promise to show you how beautiful you are.
Lisa Johnson is a Nashville-based makeup artist working in the fields of commercial, beauty, print ad and high definition media. She grew up in both artist meccas of California - Los Angeles and San Francisco - and is formally trained in color theory, painting and art. Known for her clean makeup style, attention to detail and high definition expertise - Lisa stays on the cutting edge through industry workshops and passionate practice of her craft.  You can find her commercial work online at www.lisajohnsonmua.comand wedding portfolio with gallery, reviews and pricing at www.bridesbylisa.com - Brides by Lisa is Wedding Wire’s 2011, 2010 and 2009’s Bridal Award Winner for Beauty in Nashville, TN.


Why you need to consider hiring a professional makeup artist (ME!) for your wedding.
You have your gorgeous wedding dress - your bridesmaids dresses - your mother and/or mother of the groom are excited and looking forward to being a part of your day - you have the beautiful venue - the flowers - the little details like the shoes and jewelry - you have your hairstyling in mind (or somewhat) - and of course your professional photographer who will be taking pictures of you and everyone like no other day of your life. I consider your wedding day makeup and "look" an integral part of your planning - the final polish.
My expertise is in making you look absolutely STUNNING at all angles - in all lighting environments - as well as helping to keep the beauty production flowing so you are on time.  I've had brides tell me they didn't want to even take their lashes or makeup off during their honeymoon.  I've had mothers and grandmothers contact me to thank me for making them look gorgeous for the first time in years.  These declarations always make me happy and a lot of why I do what I do!
As a makeup artist, I'm well known for my clean beauty makeup - and many brides love this fresh, youthful look.  Maybe you have a high fashion look you're dreaming of for your very formal wedding - you want glamourous faux lashes and everyone to look pulled together and cohesive.  Whatever your heart desires, we will work on creating what works perfectly for you.
And as my bridal client, your beauty and happiness are my focus.  I am there to take the stress off of you - no running around all over town, worrying about being late or lost - having me there while everyone is getting ready is a calming experience for everyone.  You will look and feel STUNNING with your final polish before you walk down that aisle! 
Contact me today to book your trial - let me show you how beautiful you are.  
YOU, only better!

Wedding MUSIC Video? Why not?!

I just saw this wild wedding music video on Junebug Weddings site and had to share it with you all!  Many of you brides are considering a videographer for your wedding - and it's really a big thing now - and probably will continue to be in the future too.  Well this isn't just any video - this is a major choreographed wedding music video to the Black Eyed Peas song "The Time (Dirty Bit)" including the entire wedding party - shot during their wedding of course.   The music is a little unconventional maybe - your music and style can easily be incorporated. 
All the more reason to have great makeup and hair, right?  ;) 
This amazing wedding planner went above and beyond, I'd say!   Without further ado:
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Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit) - Wedding Parody Video - Joya + Emre
**OVER 600,000 VIEWS ON VIMEO!**This was filmed on our wedding day, March 26, 2011, with the exception of a couple of scenes shot at our rehearsal dinner. For the story behind our wedding and video,...